by Disciplined Chaos

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released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Disciplined Chaos DL, India

A multi-instrumentalist from India trying to find his way through music.

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Track Name: Blunder
The feel of my veins,
to the blue light doesn't say.
Never felt my sense
and i went away

The colours of leaves on us
Sparkling the sea is on us
Surviving the exodus
A hope was alive in us

A way to fill these holes
A way to fill this , a void
To walk through the garden stroll
But it ended up in devoid

Tell him a way
To the darkness abide
Fallen is his angel
He needs to hide

I see a sign outside
Step forward and make a divide
I feel lost and try to hide
My heart ripped wide

It was a blunder i never meant to make
It was a blunder I never meant to make
It was a blunder i never meant to make
It was a blunder , a blunder , a blunder , oooo...
Track Name: Blades
Trappes in a cage
My soul fades
So full of rage
Cut up by blades

Rises the temper
Drips the blood
Like torn feathers
Can't you see i'm hurt

I've been bit by a blade
Track Name: O' my lady
O' my lady do you want to know
What my heart wants you to show
O' my lady are you willing to know
All the plans i had for us both

O' my lady can you hear me?
And see all the love that there is to be
Can't you see my heart aching?
O' my lady please stop waiting

Your eyes shine like fire,
I want to take you higher
I will be you moonlight
i'll be your moonlight

O'my lady , O' my lady
i'll burn for your love and
Put out my fire
Track Name: Dreams
I don't know what i am living for

O' my heart don't have a clue
I Don't know what to do
I'll just go on a ride
And pretend that everything's alright

I am living in a dream
I tried to forget long ago
I am living in a dream
Why won't it let go?
Track Name: Reason to restart
I feel so jaded ,
How will this night pass today ?
I feel loaded like a gun,
I just want to run away

I feel so faded like darkness,
Help me if you may.
If you see me gone up in the air,
you'll have no thing to say.

Flying in the sea
and drowning in air
and trying to feel,
but lost somewhere.

Flying in the planes
are you there ?
You'll witness my golden heart tear

Look up to the sun
Being broken is no fun
The sins have been done
Feels like two heads in one

Walking on a road
Feelings left behind
Strolling through the darkness
Empty is my mind

Wind blows over
Shunting through my heart
An end coming closer
A reason to restart

Do we care no more
All hurt from the core
Buying our soul from a store